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November 8, 2004 The days of struggling to see small keyboard letters are over thanks to the VisiKey keyboard with it's Enhanced Visibility Lettering System, which offers keynotes 430% larger than that of a standard keyboard.

These innovative keyboards, which come in wired and wireless versions, have a simple idea driving them - larger lettering + high contrast = increased visibility and more comfortable use. VisiKeys Enhanced Visibility Keyboard also fill the gap for the estimated 50% of computer users that are not touch typists.

The main goal of the VisiKey Enhanced Visibility Keyboard is to make a persons computing experience more comfortable by reducing eye strain, allowing use even in high-glare and low-light conditions.

According to the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, eye and vision problems are the most common complaints in the workplace today. Up to 136 million Americans wear prescription lenses and people over 40 also experience a degrading quality of eyesight that could benefit from a larger keyboard. Large computer monitor sales have been up by an amazing 70% over the past 2 years.

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