New boardgame dispels wine tasting myths

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November 14, 2004 Move over, Monopoly - Winerd, The Wine Tasting Game That Crushes Grape Fears is a new approach to improving wine knowledge for connoisseurs and amateurs alike. Created by Tamara Leigh Murphy, a private wine instructor and former chef, and Richard Murphy of Winerd Entertainment, the board game brings the fun of wine tasting to the masses and dispels the notion that wine has to be intimidating.

The Winerd game "pairs" wine trivia questions with its unique spin on blind tasting. Players advance their cork playing pieces across the faux wine label spaces by answering multiple choice trivia questions on all aspects of wine. "Blind Taste Spaces" challenge players' palates to see if they can identify one of the previously tasted wines.

Celebrities and some of the presenters at this year's Emmy Awards were given the chance to test their wine knowledge with their very own Winerd Game included in gift bags passed out at the Emmy Time "Award Suites" during the week leading up to the Emmys. Among those who received the Winerd game included Angelina Jolie, Donald Trump, and many others.

The Winerd game was also part of the coveted gift bags at July's Television Critics Awards. "It is very gratifying to hear that the Winerd game was such a hit at these two Hollywood events" states Tamara Leigh Murphy, the game's creator. "These are just the kind of rave reviews the game has been getting from everyone who gets a chance to see it."

The 2nd edition game includes nearly 300 questions, a note sheet for wine evaluation and 4 cork playing pieces. Play it with any 3 white or red wines, not included. Available for US $36.00 from

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