Sony release next generation Dual Layer burners

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November 19, 2004 Sony has unveiled its next-generation Dual Layer burners, featuring speeds almost double the pace of Sony's original range. The DRU710A (internal drive) and DRX710UL (external drive) increase the overall write speed up to 16X +R with 2.4X +R dual layer burn speed1, meaning consumers can significantly boost the turn around time of DVD burning. A firmware upgrade set for release in coming months promises to further increase the this capability to 4X dual layer burn speed.

"DVD recording devices have experienced great market demand in the past year, with sales of the products doubling since Sony launched the first +/- drive in Australia last year", said Alex Zitser, Product Manager, Retail Media & Energy, Sony Australia. "Dual Layer, as the next stage in the development of DVD recording technology, has only been on the market a few months however the uptake has already been phenomenal. The introduction of advanced capabilities in the new Sony 710 range drives, and the increased affordability of DVD media in general will only increase the popularity of this storage vehicle".

The DRU710A (internal) and the DRX710UL (external) are available now.

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