Chrysler reveals V8 powered 'Firepower' concept

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November 21, 2004 The Chrysler-branded 'Firepower' concept pushes beyond the "sports car" realm by blending expressive detail and engineering into its long-nosed design and low-slung silhouette. The sleek new concept seeks to uphold the Chrysler brand standards of elegance, refinement and affordability in a "grand tourer" that lays down the challenge to General Motors' Corvette. The Dodge Viper-based, 425-horsepower concept will be among the highlights at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January 2005.

The Firepower's long-nosed design and classic low-slung silhouette reminiscent of the Aston Martin DB5 and its sloping nose, plush interior and flush headlights also echo the 815-horsepower ME Four-Twelve two-seater model that Chrysler announced at the 2004 Detroit Auto show.

The two-seater concept features a tinted glass roof that extends to the rear liftgate, allowing driver and passenger an enhanced feeling of spaciousness. Chrysler Group design chief Trevor Creed said using the enlarged 425-horsepower Hemi V8 engine would make the coupe significantly more affordable than the US$85,295 V10-powered Viper roadster.

The Firepower concept will be officially unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January, 2005. 'Firepower' is a working title and the design will be renamed for the motor show appearance.

View gallery - 3 images
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