Digital Picture frame gets bigger and smarter and accepts images straight from a mobile phone

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Las Vegas January 10, 2005 CEIVA is a company we expect you'll be hearing a lot more about as digital camera sales contnue to skyrocket. The company already has its digital picture frame service operating and announced several important new features at CES including the ability to send images directly from a camera phone to the frame, anywhere in the world. Designed to resemble traditional picture frames, the CEIVA Digital Photo Receivers display photos they receive nightly through a phone line.

To retrieve new photos sent by friends and family every day, the Digital Photo Receiver dials in through the existing phone line each night. There is no charge for this, and no interruption to your telephone service.

It's the ideal present for friends of the family, parents and grandparents, particularly those who are not computer or internet savvy, as you can upload new pictures to your server, and they will magically appear in the photo rotation on the frame overnight.

The 5" x 7" CEIVA Digital Photo Receiver retails for US$149.95 and is available through A new 15" display will be out second or third quarter of 2005 and the range will be updated at that time to include broadband and WiFi 802.11b-g wireless connection capabilities. CEIVA will also be introducing its new 8.2" CEIVA Digital Photo Receiver that will have card reader options compatible with most memory cards.

According to a recent study from InfoTrends Research Group, worldwide camera phone sales will roughly triple that of worldwide digital camera sales, nearly 53 million in 2004 and reaching 82 million units in 2008. With its patented technology, CEIVA Logic is well positioned to leverage the explosion in the camera phone market by enabling friends and families to share moments as they happen.

View gallery - 3 images
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