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February7, 2005 "The toilet is one of the few household areas that has seen almost no innovation in more than 250 years," says Scott Pinizzotto, Brondell co-founder and CEO. "Why shouldn't a toilet be the most comfortable place in the house?" Pinizzotto and former founder Dave Samuel have formed a new company intent on delivering quality, design and innovation in technology to the bathroom market. The pair certainly knows about innovation in technology. Under Samuel's direction, was the first and largest Internet music service, which was sold to AOL in 1999 for US$320 million. Pinizzotto is also no stranger to out of the box thinking. The former Sony design engineer's award-winning designs led to numerous patents.

Samuel and Pinizzotto founded Brondell in 2003, naming it in homage to John F. Brondel (one "L", not two), the man who invented the flush valve toilet in 1738. Brondel's innovation made toilets more hygienic and allowed the "out-house" to be brought inside the home. Brondel's innovation over 200 years ago has strongly influenced the bathroom as we know it today, and epitomises the company's intentions to add value and bring change.

Brondell's initial offering, the Swash, is a high-tech toilet seat that provides all of the hygienic benefits of a traditional bidet with a luxurious heated seat.

High-tech toilet seats have achieved nearly 60 percent household penetration in Japan and have expanded throughout Asia to become a US$2Billion retail market, though there is little awareness of this category in the United States.

Brondell is focused on creating and marketing products specifically for American consumers. Brondell's Swash 400 and Swash 600 fit nearly 95 percent of the existing 220 million U.S. residential toilets and the 8 million new toilets installed annually in the United States. Both models are available now in specialty bath retailers in the United States and via their web site.

Brondell believes it is the perfect time to introduce the Swash because of the growing American trend of creating a healthier lifestyle. "People today are concerned about their quality of life and are investing in products that provide a health or hygiene benefit," said Pinizzotto.

From pure water and air filtration systems to powered toothbrushes, consumers want to use technology to enhance their daily lives. Brondell intends for their Swash toilet seat bidet to be the next logical product in this personal hygiene trend.

Brondell conservatively projects total U.S. seat bidet sales in 2009 to reach 500,000 units, representing a retail market of US$250 million. The company's long-range goal is to offer a full range of products that set new standards in bathroom personal hygiene.

"The Swash is simply a better way of taking care of business," adds Pinizzotto.

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