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February 11, 2005 The CTIA Wireless 2005 Convention and Expo is one of the most important technology events on the planet, more so each year because of the growing momentum of the wireless revolution sweeping the globe. Held over three days in New Orleans from March 14-16, 2005, the event is attended by over 40,000 technology professionals and more than a thousand of the most influential technology journalists in the world. Attendees are from every imaginable industry, all seeking to see the latest wireless ideas, technologies and applications. Without doubt THE highlight and most anticipated facet of the event each year is the "Fashion In Motion" Technology Fashion show - a cutting-edge, high-energy fashion parade incorporating wearable and wireless technology into fashion, lifestyle, health, and security applications. The couture style runway show is a fast-paced pageant of models adorned in the latest in wearable technology - it's a showcase of currently available and emerging wearable technology and is run at regular intervals during all three days of the event. When the live show isn't happening, the recorded video of the previous show is played continuously on giant video screens throughout the show.

This year the show will be sponsored by top mobile, media and fashion brands such as Samsung, LG, Inclosia and Elle Magazine. Innovative products from over 40 leading edge companies will be on show and the good news is that the show organisers are intent on adding more products to the 20th anniversary show.

Accordingly, CTIA is offering the opportunity to a innovative companies and individuals to show their wearable products, technologies and concepts - prototypes and student projects are welcome and encouraged - in the "Fashion In Motion" Technology Fashion show.

It's a great opportunity if you are in this field to catapult your product/s into the global wireless spotlight. It's not just the influence of the 40,000 + attendees being offered free here, but the ability to reach over 1,000 members of the technology and general media who attend CTIA. Think about the potential size of the combined media audience and it's an opportunity of immense proportion.

There is no charge to show your products in the Fashion In Motion show.

That's the good news. The bad news is that time's running out and submissions need to be lodged by February 20, 2005.

Submissions and enquiries about being a part of "Fashion In Motion" should be directed to Kathy Klingele at

If you're just a humble techno geek (Guilty, yer honour!), then put it in your diary to get to New Orleans a month from now or watch Gizmag for our report on the event.

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