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February 17, 2005 - Visitors to the opening of the Green by Design exhibition at Gaydon Heritage Centre in Warwickshire UK got more than they expected on the weekend when they were among some of the first to see Ford's latest low carbon technology on display. The Ford Transit HyTrans is the first medium commercial vehicle in Europe featuring stop/start technology for greater fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Fleet operators and other prospective HyTrans buyers will benefit from fuel savings of 21.3 per cent when used on the demanding urban delivery cycle. The vehicle will appear at events and be appraised by fleets through 2005.

Commercial vehicle engineers at Ford's Dunton Technical Centre in Essex had worked with partners Ricardo, Valeo and Gates on a 12-month government-funded project to produce the HyTrans prototype.

HyTrans is based on the production 2.0-litre diesel Ford Transit and is equipped with a belt-driven integrated starter generator (B-ISG). This automatic engine stop/start system operates when the Transit is stationary. The engine switches off once the engine is idling and the gear lever is in neutral. It restarts as soon as the driver depresses the clutch to select a gear to move off. The engine is running again within 400 milliseconds - long before gear selection is completed.

The HyTrans concept is aimed at the rapidly expanding urban delivery market, which has primarily grown as a result of home shopping on the internet.

Roger Putnam, Ford of Britain chairman, said: "As a member of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, Ford is working on vehicles needing less carbon fuel. The Ford Transit HyTrans concept is an excellent example of future technology answering a current business need. You do not have to spend long on the high streets and side roads of Britain's towns and cities to see the huge number of vans delivering goods to householders and businesses. We believe HyTrans is the way forward."

The viability of HyTrans going into production will be looked at by Ford in early 2006.

Green by Design is a permanent exhibition of environmental road transport technologies to be launched at t he Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership's AGM at Gaydon on February 10. The LCVP was established in January 2003 to lead the shift to clean low carbon vehicles and fuels in the UK. It is a partnership of organisations from the automotive and fuel industries, government, academia and lobbyists.

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