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February 18, 2005 The rise and the rise of the SUV as a mode of transport in many western nations is fueled some fascinating concept vehicles over recent times as the world’s automotive manufacturers attempt to read public opinion and develop the next generation look for the once humble and workhorse 4WD. That was never more obvious than the recent North American Motor Shows, and the trend continues at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show with the release of Mitsubishi’s Nessie, styled by Italdesign Giugaro in collaboration with Mitsubishi and the Linde Group.

For the centennial Geneva Motor Show, Italdesign Giugiaro, in collaboration with Mitsubishi and the Linde Group, pushed creative-thinking towards intermeshing, yet again, technology and style, giving tangible form to a heart-pounding yet clean sports utility vehicle that offers advanced solutions to the environment-friendly dilemma.

Research into styling was focused unassailably around all-new product sculptural modeling, with a keen eye steered towards bodyside and volume plasticity giving breath of life to a vehicle architecture never seen before, the 2.5V SUV coupé.

Nowadays, the SUV line-up in all its declinations has secured a bold market niche. Forging an agreement with a leader brand such as Mitsubishi was the trigger for priming this all-new research.

Having attained an operating chassis, drawn from the string of experience gained winning tough and rugged world rallies like the Paris Dakar, starting to take shape within Italdesign Giugiaro was a rational route towards technical design with a view to installing a powerful yet pleasurable V8 engine along with, as a consequence, a hydrogen fuel system, applied in collaboration with the Linde Group, a clean power source that renders this vehicle absolutely “clean”, all of which operated and managed by an automatic gear box and a sophisticated electronically controlled wheeldrive.

The Nessie respects environmental concerns. As such, the Nessie provides the answer to questions, even those more skeptic, about the impact that SUVs may have on the environment, especially town and built-up areas, and perhaps removes the ultimate obstacle barring the way to full acceptance of this new type of vehicle as consolidated product line-up reality.

View gallery - 3 images
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