The 2nd Annual SUPERSOAKERSpring Break Survival Challenge

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March 12, 2005 The water pistol has come a long way in recent times. Once a fragile, relatively harmless device capable of shooting a stream of water no more than a metre or two, that all changed when Aerospace Engineer Dr Lonnie Johnson extrapolated some work he was doing in an entirely unrelated field and thought about what a great water gun it would make. The SuperSoaker was born in 1991 and became an everyday term for children the world over. Now the SuperSoaker is being organized into massive contests, with water soluble body targets and big prizemoney, as can be seen from this mammoth contest held earlier this week during the infamopus spring break celebrations in Florida.

Last year, thousands of college co-eds from across America gathered on the beaches of Panama City Beach, Florida, the Spring Break Capital of the World, to help create a SuperSoaker water fight of epic proportion. This year, with the help of the SuperSoaker SoakerTag Squad, Spring Breakers were invited to create the wildest and wettest water fight in the history of Spring Break!

The Official SuperSoaker Spring Break Survival Challenge took place on the water's edge on Panama City Beach, FL, with nearly continuous water fights from Tuesday, March 8 through Thursday, March 10. Activities ranged from enormous games of SoakerTag - pitting hundreds of co-eds against each other in a drenching fight to the finish - to a wet and wacky SuperSoaker obstacle course.

Unlike the typical water fight where everyone gets soaked but nobody wins, the SuperSoaker SoakerTag line provides kids (and Spring Breakers) with real competitive game play. Once SoakerTag participants fasten a water soluble SoakerTag body-target to their skin or clothing, they’re ready to get blasting! When the SoakerTag body targets are sufficiently drenched they dissolve and the participant is out of the game.

Participants in each SoakerTag battle received a SoakerTag body-target and a SuperSoaker water blaster and were divided into a Red team and a Blue team. After some brief instruction, the college co-eds then strived to survive a fun-filled SoakerTag water fight. The object was for each team to blast their opponents’ SoakerTag body targets before theirs got blasted. After two days of elimination rounds, four daily winners from each of the ongoing mini-battles moved on to the final competition and the eight finalists competed be crowned the Ultimate SoakerTag ELITE Survivor and a cash prize of US$4,000 on Thursday, March 10.

Finalists had to complete a series of SuperSoaker ELITE challenges - including a gauntlet where spectators blast burst of ice cold water at the competitors, a water pit swing and a balance beam challenge that tested the competitors’ agility – all while trying to blast various SoakerTag targets and keep their own SoakerTag body targets dry. The challenger who completed the obstacle course the fastest while staying driest was the winner.

The Ultimate SoakerTag ELITE Survivor was Jonathan Schnepp of Middle Tennessee State.

View gallery - 5 images
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