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March 30, 2005 Japanese companies Yamato House and TOTO have jointly created a system named the “intelligent rest room” which integrates into the bathroom monitors the health of family members. Going on sale next week (April 5), the idea is to monitor the major vital statistics (urine sugar levels, blood pressure, body fat percentages and weight) at the same time every day so it becomes a part of the daily routine. The day’s findings are then automatically uploaded through the intelligent home network to the family computer so history and trends can be seen, and so the diagnostic program that comes with it can advise on diet, exercise and so on.

The corporations have been working on the project for approximately two years to develop the technology and the companies will continue to work together to develop further life-enhancing technology applications and implementations for the home.

The urine measurement equipment is installed into the toilet bowl, while the scales are installed into the floor in front of the mirror. The blood pressure meter is installed next to the toilet itself, enabling the seated subject to multi-task while the body fat meter is on the side of the handbasin.

Immediate results are displayed on an LCD screen on the wall of the bathroom, with the data simultaneously uploaded to the home computer for analysis via the health care software that comes with the system. There’s apparently even facility to input all of your calorific intake too, so you can track most aspects of your life, though we’ve often covered this type of semi-holistic system in Gizmag previously and can see the “intelligent rest room” playing a role in a more complete system that also measures calorific output. As things stand though, there are no systems which integrate all the parameters required to truly balance our lives.

The “intelligent rest room” will add between US$3500 and US$5000 to the cost of your normal bathroom depending on the options. If you think this could be for you, may we suggest you also look at the Polar Weight Management Watch or the Omron scales with integrated pedometer that track weight management.

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