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Good Company Communications, the grassroots organizer behind the hit film The Corporation has come up with a novel DVD House Party Campaign that coincides with the long-awaited release of The Corporation DVD. The controversial and insightful film, THE CORPORATION raised some interesting questions about the future of a world dominated by companies that would be classified legally insane if they were humans, yet are afforded all the same protections and rights as humans. It’s hard not to see the film and wonder, “what do we do now?” Now there is an answer. Beginning immediately people across the World will be partying with a purpose: to strategize solutions and activate a public confronted by an increasingly corporation-dominated world. You can take part too! Prospective party hosts and guests can go via or directly to to locate or register a party in their area. The beauty of the house party model is that it’s fun, easy to organize and effective in making a difference - all from the comfort of your living room.

"It's the New Tupperware! " says campaign strategist Katherine Dodds, adding "although it's not a pyramid scheme if you don't mark up the price ... everyone who holds a house party becomes part of our grassroots network. Each event can be created to suit the individual party preferences of the hosts and guests. We only have this one chance to consolidate the momentum from the film's release onto DVD into a campaign, and this is our diabolical scheme. (That would be diabolical in the angel/devil corporation logo sense!) For a year and a half we have been flooded with thousands of emails mostly asking two questions: “When can I get the DVD?” — and — “What can I do?” This is our chance to address both questions." Part entertainment and part toolkit — the DVD offers over 8 hours of extra features providing activists, concerned citizens, and those seeking a socially conscious way of doing business, an excellent starting point to strategize and organize against corporate abuse. More information about the DVD contents can be found in the “About the DVD “ section at House party hosts will get access to additional materials including expanded outlines and transcripts of the extra features on the DVD “Toolkit.” Dodds adds, "We truly hope that we can launch a collaborative creative process — worldwide — to rethink what the corporation means. What better way than to gather around the DVD in house party-sized groups and really think about how we can collectively respond? And why not invite your boss, or your boss's boss? A cocktail or two and a friendly debate about the dominant institution of our time could be a much-needed anecdote to apathy, or political despair, that we need in order to really kick start some solutions that just might actually reduce the harm corporations can cause." May 7, 2005 is the Rethink & “Debate The Corporation Day”


While party hosts are free to pick any date that works for them, the organisers have designated May 7, 2005 as the official collaborative rethink and “Debate The Corporation Day.” We encourage people to host or attend a party that day, and tune in - along with the web community - to a special live online forum on what we should do with the corporate form. Check out for info and updates.

Representatives of the three “official” positions will pitch their case: • REFORM: Make corporations run better. Reward good management. Hold corporate "heroic" leaders up as a testament that better people can run better companies. Make better business practices "good business."

• REGULATE: More democratic governmental controls. Hold corporations accountable. Make corporations really pay for their planetary misdeeds. Worker control. Bigger bars on the corporate cage.

• REWRITE: Overthrow. Change the actual legal constitution of every corporation. Eradicate corporate "personhood". Change the entire DNA of the corporate animal. Anarchism & new experiments in democracy.

Producer/Director Mark Achbar will be online as the subversive Corporation Logo: ready to "torment or bless" the positions of the special guests as he sees fit and in doing so to subvert the debate format.

Partiers will be invited to join the debate and weigh in with their own ideas. The feedback gathered from the house parties will be used to create a “Framework for Action” to reduce corporate harm.

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