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May 6, 2005 Whether the goal is to become pregnant or avoid pregnancy, plan a trip or avoid chemical contraceptives, Woman Calendar software offers a convenient and powerful means to efficiently manage a natural family planning lifestyle and to accurately predict fertility and period cycles. So although it’s not a gadget, we figured the porting of Woman Calendar fertility tracker to Windows Mobile PDAs was worth a shout. Interestingly, a large percentage of customers who have purchased Woman Calendar are men.

Anyone with a Windows-based desktop or laptop computer can use the PC version of Woman Calendar for natural family planning, enabling users to record information regarding menstrual cycles, OB/GYN appointments, personal notes, and other information that can be used to make wise decisions. Depending on the ovulation prediction method (temperature or calendar) selected by the user, the Woman Calendar will chart the results and predict current and future fertility and period dates. Woman Calendar will also print the standard ovulation charts such as the ones used by OB-GYN doctors.

For those with active lifestyles or who travel regularly, it is even more convenient to carry Woman Calendar on a handheld computer. Palm OS users have relied upon Woman Calendar for years, and now Windows Mobile Pocket PC device users will also be able to record and track their fertility cycles accurately with the newly released Woman Calendar for Pocket PC. The mobile versions of Woman Calendar combine mobile data access with the ability to synchronize data between the handheld and Windows PC versions, allowing users to maintain and access their records anytime/anywhere.

“More and more people turn to Natural Family Planning every day for making wise decisions about when and how to have children,” said Svilen Stoyanov, product manager for Woman Calendar at BEIKS LLC. “Software applications for ovulation calendars and fertility prediction help individuals take better control of their lives. Amazingly, a large percentage of our customers who have purchased Woman Calendar are men, demonstrating that they are very involved in the family planning decisions in their households.”

The stand-alone Windows version of Woman Calendar retails for US$19.95, while the handheld versions retail for US$14.95. A bundle of the Windows version with a handheld version retails for US$24.95.

Woman Calendar can be found, downloaded and purchased from the product page on the BEIKS Web site

View gallery - 3 images
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