Mobility Electronics patents programmable power adapters

June 17, 2005 Mobility Electronics has announced that it has obtaining a new U.S. patent covering programmable power adapters. Programmable power adapters have an advantage in that a single adapter can be configured to power a range of mobile electronic devices with differing power requirements. The new patent, U.S. Patent 6,903,950, extends Mobility's power converter technology to cover next generation power supply architectures that will utilise intelligent digital configuration and control methods for programming the output power of its adapters.

The Company has also been awarded Canadian Patent 2,454,044 covering a combination AC/DC power adapter with interchangeable tips that program the adapter to supply an appropriate level of power to a mobile electronic device.

Mobility Electronics currently has over 180 patents and patents pending in the United States and throughout the world to protect its technologies, with approximately 150 relating to power technologies.

"This new U.S. patent secures the intellectual property that will allow our future power adapters to be even more flexible in meeting the power requirements of mobile electronic devices, and result in widespread compatibility that alternative power adapters won't be able to match," said Charles Mollo, CEO of Mobility Electronics. "Our research and development efforts are producing excellent results, which allow our products to be highly differentiated. In the process, we continue to build a strong intellectual property position that will facilitate the sustainability of our market leadership in the universal power adapter category."

The company’s iGo EverywherePower 7500 Series and the included iGo DualPower accessory provide an already available all-in-one power solution for mobile gear. The iGo EverywherePower 7500 operates from any power source – auto, air or standard wall outlets – to power and charge a notebook plus a portable electronic device such as a mobile phone, handheld/PDA, digital camera or MP3 player.

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