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June 30, 2005 Some products appear very cool from the get-go and with a name like cableyoyo, this was a contender before we even knew what it did. Cableyoyo suits everyone with fixed & mobile electronic devices. It is stylish, blends seamlessly with any electronic device and so discreet it can disappear in-between products. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention what it does – it is an elegant solution to the excessive number of small chords we all seem to gather, which clutter our desks and tangle in our bags. It also protects the chords from damage due to twisting and tangling.

Conceived and produced by California-based designer Dominic Symons of bluelounge, the inspiration for cableyoyo was sparked by the frustration of the daily bag tangle of conflicting power and connectivity cables for the plethora of electronic gizmolergical parephenalia we carry.

Cableyoyo was designed to be both universal and inexpensive. Cableyoyo will appeal to all users with electronic and multi-media products such as laptops, iPods, workstations, game boxes, cell phones, PDAs, music players, cameras, DVDs, etc., as well as their peripherals; mouse, docking station, speakers, headphones, modems, printers, chargers, scanners, and switches.

Not surprisingly, since the Cableyoyo began shipping to stores earlier this month it has already received an incredible response from store buyers, equipment suppliers & and end-users alike.

Bluelounge anticipates (hopes) that everyone will want several Cableyoyos for the home, office or on-the-move use and hence multi-packs and different colours are available. This “accessory for accessories”, is priced at only US$4.99 retail and naturally will become a “must-have” item for uber-cool iPod users and those with “wireless” devices that include 6ft of cord with their electrical chargers, let alone those for data transfer and synchronization.

Hit product status goes to this one – cool product, cool name, killer functionality, low price, improves organizational ambience, makes you look good!

View gallery - 8 images
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