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August 5, 2005 Stand by for a significant leap forward in telescope functionality. Telescope manufacturer Celestron has signed a global licensing agreement to incorporate “revolutionary new technology” from a company named Yamcon into a variety of its products. Yamcon has been granted three U.S. patents on technology that allows a device to instantly and accurately identify and/or locate any celestial object visible to the naked eye. The technology combines data from sensors measuring both the magnetic and gravitational fields of the Earth, along with GPS and a substantial celestial database. The first product to be released, the SkyScout, is a handheld device that can instantly identify and/or locate any celestial object visible to the naked eye, providing descriptions in a multimedia, planetarium-like experience. Celestron will launch the SkyScout at the International CES show in January of 2006. The groundbreaking technology patented by Yamcon is covered by US Patents 6,366,212, 6,570,506 and 6,844,822 and will further the cause of astronomy more than any invention since the telescope, opening the way for future generations to explore the wonders of space.

"We are thrilled to have formed this partnership," said Joseph A. Lupica, CEO of Celestron. "Yamcon's technology makes learning about the stars and planets easier and more entertaining than ever before. Astronomers of all levels of experience, and even consumers who have never purchased anything astronomy related, are going to love the SkyScout. We expect it to have a big impact in the astronomy industry, and look forward to releasing additional products using Yamcon's technology in the future."

Mike Lemp, CEO of Yamcon, said "We couldn't be more pleased with our partnership with Celestron. With their acquisition by Synta, Celestron now has the resources and are actively positioning themselves for some very exciting things in the way of new product development and market growth. The SkyScout fits perfectly within their strategy. We look forward to creating innovative and popular products with them for many years to come."

Yamcon developed its technology to dramatically improve how people learn about astronomy, making it much easier and more entertaining.

View gallery - 3 images
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