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August 9, 2005 The trend towards multitasking in everything we do is continuing, with UK-based VisionMirror now offering a commercial TFT-LCD display within a mirror. The Mirror TV concept originated from Philips HomeLab and was the first commercial product to emanate from the R & D “Big Brother-like” house run by the Dutch giant but MiraVision isn’t available in some countries so it’s kinda fortunate that VisionMirror appears identical to MiraVision – it is operated via infra red control, is impervious to moisture and can hence be used in bathrooms and when switched off, it functions like a regular mirror. Indeed, we must comment on the extraordinary amount of innovation being focussed on the mirror at present. In recent times we’ve also reported on the BabyCam monitoring system which uses very similar technology, the SUCK LED Mirror with RSS feed and Accenture's intelligent mirror that analyses your behavioural patterns and can reflect an image of what you'll look like five or ten years from now.

The applications for the VisionMirror are quite diverse. As Home Lab found out, it’s great for getting kids to spend time brushing their teeth when they can watch cartoons at the same time, and it’s also another way to hide the telly if you don’t want your home entertainment system to dominate your living area.

VisionMirror can also be used as a computer monitor and if trimming your nose hairs while you’re working on a spreadsheet doesn’t quite do it, you can also order the MirrorVision with the capability to accept the input signals of your choice - Video/DVD/PVR.

VisionMirror comes in three standard sizes being 15.1, 17 and 23 inch but there’s also a complete bespoke service that can produce your exact requirements – we can see a wide range of applications in a commercial sense. It’s apparently already popular in commercial environments where an establishment might wish to advertise, communicate with or upsell their customers such as hairdressers, bars or gymnasiums

View gallery - 4 images
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