Another V8 BBQ, 9mm semi-automatic-styled remote control and boombox sneakers

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August 16, 2005 Our Hemi-engined gadget article got a lot of response, including a company that really does make V8 snowblowers and this remarkable contraption – the “Frontgating Griller.” This amazing lean, mean, no-stick grilling machine will feed a family of 40 heated by your truck's own engine block. Specially designed grooves channel brat juices and burger grease into the bumper trough for easy cleanup or you can convert your engine to biodiesel and reuse all that succulent fat to fuel your reformed eco-unfriendly gas-guzzler.

We’re sorry to say that the Frontgating Griller isn’t a real machine – it’s only a concept. It came from this month’s Sync Magazine – a print magazine all about Stuff for a man’s life. Indeed, it’s not always in print only – this month the magazine is ALL online – and they have teamed up with the folks from design house Leisure Design who have designed everything from the Gentra VersaPure DNA Purification Unitthrough the Yerfdog off-road go kart in real life, to create some fabby concept products such as the Universal Firearm remote and the Boombox sneaker.

Sync is definitely worth a look.

View gallery - 4 images
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