Artificial Life announces First Massive Multi Player 3G Game

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August 17, 2005 Hong Kong based Artificial Life, today announced the upcoming release of its first massive multi player 3G mobile game. The new game is based in its style and core functionality on the Company’s award winning v-girl and virtual boyfriend 3G game series. The game establishes a massive multi user mobile virtual community and is custom built for 3G phones, and can also be played on 2.5G and 2.75G/EDGE phones with slightly reduced functionality and speed. Players of the game can select a virtual persona for themselves and inhabit and live in a simulated virtual city. When navigating through the virtual city, users can contact and interact directly with other players in real time, have live real time chats with other human players or chatter bots, enter and explore virtual buildings, use interactive objects and co-operate with others to solve certain tasks or to avoid certain threats. The game is expected to become a widely popular new type of interactive mobile dating game.

The new game runs with Java J2ME clients on an extended version of Artificial Life’s Distributed Smart Engine Mobile Platform. Players can interact with a potentially unlimited number of concurrent users.

The new game is scheduled for launch in Q4, 2005. The game name and brand will be announced in the coming weeks along with further game features and details.

“Development of our latest consumer application was focused towards reaching the strongly growing user base of Java-enabled handsets. Our new game was again designed for such broadband networks with a clear strategy to dynamically enable scalable feature sets with increasing bandwidth and handset capabilities so the game can be played on 2.5G handsets up to 3G.

Thus playing our new massive multi user game on 2.5G, EDGE or 3G networks, players will benefit from additional features not available on lower bandwidth networks. Once more, we have pushed the limits of mobile phone gaming to provide maximum gaming experience and fun for the players. Our success is based on our unique ability to find the balance between technologically advanced and yet ready to use games for the demanding global mobile consumer markets”, said Klaus Kater, COO of Artificial Life.

“We are very excited about our new game. It is most fun to play. It gives people the opportunity to play a sophisticated and entertaining massive multi player game especially well on their 3G phones. We have again come up with some very innovative game concepts, technologies and interactions and new ways to explore the technical features of the strongly expanding 3G networks. The future for mobile entertainment and games lies in this kind of sophisticated massive multi player games pretty much as it is the case for online games. This is what the 3G mobile carriers need to attract customers and we are right on top of this demand and trend” said Eberhard Schoeneburg, CEO of Artificial Life.

View gallery - 6 images
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