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September 11, 2005 Fair dinkum, you could be excused for wondering just how they come up with names for some of these gadgets. Microsoft Windows Mobile device specialists i-mate has a new phone offering a new level in highspeed mobile communications with the launch of the i-mate JASJAR. The Jasjar, despite its name, is a ripper - a Windows Mobile 5.0 based device offering the most advanced set of features yet with multiple connectivity options (VOIP, 3G, GSM, GPRS and Wi-Fi), a full suite of productivity enhancing tools, and a host of dynamic multi-media services. The i-mate JASJAR is a highly relevant solution for mobile professionals – it believably lays claim to being a laptop phone. Incorporating the latest in mobile design, the i-mate JASJAR is a stunning device with a 180 degree swivel screen you can easily pivot into place. Now you can choose from a PDA/Notebook mode for quick & easy interaction via the touch sensitive screen or traditional laptop mode for full use of the built in QWERTY keyboard. The large and dazzling 3.6”640x480 VGA transflective screen is ideal for viewing and working on documents, managing email or simply browsing the internet. But that dreadful name …

Founder and Chief Executive of i-mate, Mr. Jim Morrison commented, “At i-mate, we operate at the forefront of mobile technology development, so we can easily offer our customers cutting-edge devices which are packed with value-added applications. Today’s highly mobile professionals are looking for a high-speed versatile device to give them an edge. The i-mate JASJAR is as good as it gets.”

i-mate customers in Australia & New Zealand also get the full backing of i-mate Gold, the new superior support program which delivers a 24 month extended global warranty, and 24x7 phone/email/web based support as standard. Speaking today in Melbourne, the General Manager of i-mate Australasia, Ben Hodgson said, “Our customers have high expectations and rightly so. We are confident the i-mate JASJAR is the complete package. It’s an awesome device with extensive software and market leading support as standard. As an end to end solution, this is hard to beat.”

The i-mate JASJAR comes with a 520MHz Intel processor, 128MB of Permanent Memory, and full memory expansion via the SD card slot. The Windows Mobile 5.0 upgraded software means that your information is safely stored on the device should the battery become depleted.

This tri-band GSM/GPRS device with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth also connects to 3G (UMTS) mobile networks, automatically switching to the best network mode available. Users can benefit from videoconferencing and multimedia with dual cameras, built-in flash, large VGA-screen and dual loudspeakers for stereo sound and are able to send photos and recorded videos quickly when connected to a 3G network.

Designed to offer flexible multiple-connectivity business functions and the ability to enjoy dynamic multimedia without the need for multiple devices, this multi-utility Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 powered mobile offers PC applications, a 1.3 megapixel camera/video, a gaming console, and an MP3 player to name just a few. The 180 degree swivel screen design means you have the versatility to use the i-mate JASJAR either as a traditional PDA similar to a notebook style, or in clamshell mode to be converted into a virtual miniature laptop. In clamshell mode, the screen automatically adjusts to landscape. Picture and Video Viewer, Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile & ClearVue PDF Viewers come standard in addition to Outlook Mobile, Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger, Word Mobile and Excel Mobile.

Thanks to its pioneering partnerships with world leading value added service providers, i-mate offers an impressive array of bundled applications including Skype (VoIP) to make reduced call costs a reality and CA eTrust Antivirus software to protect your device from the potential threat of viruses and malicious code.

The i-mate device-owner dedicated portal www.clubimate.com, provides 24/7 technical advice, support and value added services such as free hosted Microsoft Exchange e-mail, exclusive i-mate interactive games and upgrade patches for download.

The i-mate JASJAR will be available from mid October 2005.

View gallery - 9 images
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