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September 28, 2005 The digital SLR camera market continued to heat up with the announcement on Monday of the Olympus E-500. The compact and lightweight E-500 has an 8-megapixel CCD, a huge 2.5 inch HyperCrystal LCD monitor and an exclusive Dust Reduction System that ensures that your image sensor is always clear of dust. Though still six weeks away from most markets, the Olympus E-500 will be available in different markets with different values kits containing the body and one or more lenses. For example, the US market will get a starter kit containing the E-500 body and ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-45mm lens for US$799 and an additional 18-180 mm lens for US$899. In the UK the starter kit will cost UKP600 and in Australia the starter kit will contain a body and17.5-45mm lens for AUD$1299 and an additional 40-150mm lens for $1599. Clearly, the bang-per-buck ratio for professional digital SLRs is following the same steep curve as the PC, game platform and mobile phone.

For Digital SLR owners, dust on the image sensor is a nightmare! Dust or debris in the form of pollen or tiny hairs appears on your photos as unsightly black dots. With the E-500 you no longer need to worry, as this camera and the entire Olympus E-system range is fully equipped with their exclusive Supersonic Wave Filter (SSWF) Dust Reduction Technology. Hours of post-production and retouching time can be saved when dust on the image sensor is no longer an issue.

Image sensors have an electrical charge that attract dust, resulting in spotty images that has caused photographers to spend more time cleaning up rather than shooting their images. When you_re capturing your families memories or taking shots to keep for a lifetime, it_s essential to have a clean image sensor.

Precision Optics

The E-500's 8-megapixel full frame transfer CCD offers the wide dynamic range and rich tonal expression that have been widely acclaimed on the E-300 in the Olympus digital SLR range. When combined with designed-for-digital ZUIKO DIGITAL interchangeable lenses, it offers superb resolution for truly stunning image quality. Olympus today has the biggest digital lens line-up and they all boast Precision Optics.

Making photography easy

The E-500's 2.5-inch LCD monitor is the largest currently available on a consumer-oriented digital SLR camera. The monitorÅfs Hyper Crystal LCD panel offers a wide field of view and excellent visibility even in bright light, making it easy for users to review images on the spot. The monitor also features a Super Control Panel that can be set to display essential camera settings in large type, or more detailed shooting information in smaller type. If red-eye can be a problem in your photos, this ultra large LCD allows you to view your photo and adjust for red-eye on the spot.

This camera is also extremely compact and lightweight. Weighing in at only 435 grams, the lightest digital SLR body available, it is perfect for the average photographer who wants a camera that is easy to carry on holidays or family outings. The E-500_s compact design feels great to hold and features a fibreglass-reinforced, engineering-grade plastic shell and a lightweight stainless-steel hybrid chassis for strength.

Feature rich

The E-500 continues the Olympus tradition of ensuring consumers have a full set of features for maximum creativity and flexibility in their camera. The E-500 has features that allow the beginner photographer to capture impressive images by simply pointing and shooting while more advanced photographers can access a wide range of features to achieve spectacular results. Users can use the 15 pre-programmed Scene Select modes for quick and easy access to the right settings for the perfect shot or they can achieve precise results through manual control of the camera.

In the E-500, users have the ability to access 2.5 frame-per-second continuous shooting up to the limit of available memory card, and for convenience accepts dual memory card slots for both CompactFlash and xD-Picture Card media.

For accurate light measurement, Olympus has developed for the E-500 a new 49-segment metering system and new highlight/shadow spot metering modes. E-500 Features

    Olympus exclusive Dust Reduction technology 8-megapixel full frame transfer CCD Compact and lightweight at only 435 grams Large and clear 2.5 inch HyperCrystal LCD screen Compatible with the biggest line-up of designed-for-digital lenses from Olympus 2.5 frame-per-second continuous shooting up to the limit of available memory card; dual Compact Flash and xD-Picture Card memory card slots Newly developed 49-segment metering system for accurate exposure; new highlight/shadow spot metering modes 15 Scene Select modes, 25 exposure modes total High-speed, high-performance autofocusing Versatile white balance modes, plus a one-touch white balance button Wide range of bracketing functions Wide range of monotone shooting functions Light box playback function Lithium camera battery support
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