Pantech launches 5 MPX camera phone and F2F handheld videoconferencing phone

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December 1, 2005 South Korea’s second biggest mobile phone manufacturer, Pantech, has announced plans for the launch of two new models onto the Korean market: the IM-8600 5 mega-pixel camera phone and the IM-8700 F2F (‘face-to-face’) telephony handset. The IM-8600 is a rotating clamshell 5 mega-pixel camera phone with what Pantech claims is a revolutionary Meca Shutter camera technology which controls the amount of light used during the photographic process, enabling a far sharper, more defined quality of picture. The IM-8700 F2F telephony handset is a major step forward, in making real time, high quality video communication by phone a reality. It features an exceptional 10 frames per second (fps) imaging speed, with a sizeable 2.2 inch screen, allowing users to have a faster, more interactive communications experience with other callers.

Pantech President & CEO, Sung-Kyu Lee, said: “Handset users in Korea are consistently demanding, in the quality of features and design that they want in their phones. In purely technological terms, the phones represent a new era in the type of high resolution camera phone and face to face video telephony that we can offer to consumers”. “These new phones will strengthen our presence in the premium handset market, in Korea and globally. The new applications we develop for camera phones and F2F telephony handsets will ultimately be rolled out to mobile phone users across all of our regional markets,” said Mr. Lee. Along with the radical Meca Shutter functionality, the IM-8600 phone provides picture quality akin to a digital camera and has a 2.0 inch QVGA TFT LCD, auto focus and close-up functions which enhance the resolution of the captured images for users. In addition, the 30 fps imaging speed allows the users to record clear, high quality moving pictures, which can be appreciated on the big screen. The compressed video on demand (VOD) functionality allows users to benefit from a higher image definition when they enjoy moving pictures, at a more affordable price. Although it contains an extraordinary array of features, the IM-8600 is noticeably smaller than other 5 mega-pixel handsets. The IM-8700 incorporates a 2.2 inch 260K QVGA TFT Main LCD, to facilitate the quality of the video interaction between callers. The handset also includes a fun, easy to use Auto Rotary Telephony function that recognizes the user’s location. When calls are received, the 2 mega-pixel camera or earpiece automatically faces towards the user for convenience. Both the IM-8600 and the IM-8700 will be marketed in Korea under Pantech’s SKY brand. A final unique selling point of interest is that the two phones are silver nano finished for antibacterial purposes, for the well being of the users. Pantech has underlined its status as a leader in the global mobile communications sector with the introduction of a range of new, cutting edge handsets in recent months. The company is committed to the ongoing regeneration of its product range in order to consolidate its leadership across a range of key global markets.

IM-8600 features include:

  • Rotating clamshell, IMT-2000
  • 99 x 48.5 x 26.4mm, 132.09g (with Standard battery)
  • Talk time 180.3 min/Standby 200 hours (with Standard battery)
  • 5 Mega Pixel camera with internal flash
  • Auto focus & close up function with half stop shutter & Meca Shutter
  • 2.0" QVGA 260K Color TFT LCD
  • VOD/MOD(Live screen, music video, jukebox, karaoke, TV), MP3 player
  • SPAM SMS filtering, Moneta(mobile banking) services

IM-8700 features include:

  • Slider type phone, F2F telephony function
  • 111 x 50 x 25.2mm, 146 g
  • Talk time 156 min/Standby 218 hours
  • 2Mega Pixel Camera with internal flash
  • Live screen, music video, jukebox, karaoke, movie & TV
  • IrDA for phone book, animation, melody, images, etc
  • VOD/MOD(Live screen, music video, jukebox, karaoke, TV), MP3 player
  • SPAM SMS filtering, Moneta(mobile banking) services

The IM-8600 and the IM-8700 handsets will retail at approximately US$700 and US$600 respectively and will be launched in Korea this month.

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