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December 4, 2005 At some point in the future, it’s quite feasible that we’ll record everything we do, given that storage space continues to get cheaper and digital imaging devices are fast becoming ubiquitous. The important things will be first, so we can learn better ways, and one of the most important areas we know so very little about is what actually happens in a firefight – no other situation on earth has as much potential to distort reality as being in mortal danger. So the guncam is important - this weapon mounted camera records video in firefights, grants accountability, helps training and avoids risky body exposure of the user. One of the main problems in the use of firearms, in firefight incidents, is not knowing how they were used and how the missions were executed, which generates a problem in terms of accountability of actions. That is why it is fundamental for officers in command to easily retrieve as much accurate information as is available in order to analyze the events.

Macroswiss’ Guncam solves this problem, through a weapon mounted system for recording and reconstructing the scene and answering the five key questions when facing charges or inquiries: Where, When, Who, What and Why.

The Guncam Recording Unit has been developed for use by Police Forces and Armies and it can be connected to the weapon itself or be carried on the belt or a pouch on the vest (in which case the camera is connected to the recorder through a spiral cable). The system is also equipped with key on/off switches, trigger switches that record video only upon release of the safety catch, in user-switchable recording trim (the user decides when to record) or in continuous recording trim. The high-definition images can be viewed as a video or exported as single frames.

Optional features are the GPS tracking system which is very useful for training purposes -since the whole team route and each team member’s video can be viewed on a PC based software easily reconstructing the entire mission- and also the corner-shooting HUD (micro screen mounted in a pair of glasses) display which gives the user the option of seeing and shooting around corners, over or under obstacles without the need to expose themselves unnecessarily. The big advantage over similar competing products is that the Guncam uses the standard weapons in service and no specific training is therefore necessary.

The Macroswiss Recording Guncam uses Lithium-Polymer batteries that grant up to 14 hours standby time and up to 8 hours recording enabling its use even in long missions.

A Standard Kit is composed of the Guncam Recording unit, ON/OFF key, charger, user manual, download and visualization software. A pouch is available only for the belt mount version.

View gallery - 16 images
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