World’s first Petabyte storage array

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February 5, 2006 When boys get together and drink alcohol, the story often gets around to who has the biggest, fastest, etc and during a recent such session one of our number attended, the discussion got around to the size of our respective MP3 collections. As each successive person announced the size of their MP3 collection, your humble scribe, who shall remain nameless for good reason, felt his usual inadequate self. You see, three among the number had music collections in excess of 100 gigabytes and one of the people we all knew who wasn’t present was pronounced to have a collection larger than 500 gigabytes. Apparently, the world’s growing access to digital information is seeing storage needs growing dramatically in every area, from humble personal computers, to network enterprise storage - In 2005, data stored on disk arrays grew more than 70%. So if your MP3 collection is getting unwieldy, or you have another burgeoning digital archive you just positively need access to at all times, here’s the answer - the world’s largest storage array. Announced last week by information management and storage specialist EMC Corporation, is a new high-end configuration its flagship EMC Symmetrix DMX-3 storage array, which can scale beyond a petabyte (1,024 terabytes) of capacity. That's it at right - what a ripper heh?

In making the announcement, EMC Chairman, President and CEO Joe Tucci made the disclosure that, "in 2005, data stored on disk arrays grew more than 70%. That growth, combined with changing requirements in areas like governance and protection, has resulted in increased costs and information management challenges. These new technologies, which leverage cost-effective IP networks, help customers make their information infrastructure more cost effective, simpler and smarter and extend the reach of their ILM strategy."

Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, said, "IP Storage is red hot. IT pro's are realizing that the same benefits they get from their fibre channel SAN's can and should be extended throughout the entire enterprise - and that means IP. EMC has realized this and will provide customers a seamless way to integrate and centralize storage access, whether file or block, to all reaches of the enterprise. IP is the great enabler to attach to every server, not just the big ones."

Just for the records, a petabyte is a 1,024 terabytes, or more than a million gigabytes – imagine if they sold enterprise storage like they sell MP3 players.

Via OhGizmo and ZdNet

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