World's first automated Blu-ray Disc Publishing System

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February 7, 2006 Primera has announced what we believe to be the world's first automated burn and print device to support new high-capacity Blu-ray Disc recorders and media. Along with its reliable (we use the current model in our main office at Gizmag) built-in robotics and full-color direct-to-disc inkjet printing, the US$5995 Bravo XR-Blu incorporates Pioneer's new BDR-101A Blu-ray Disc/DVD Recorder. The initial release of the XR-Blu utilizes single-layer discs to store up to 25 gigabytes of data. An upgrade will be available shortly after launch that will allow dual-layer media, which stores up to 50 gigabytes of data per disc. Since up to 50 discs can be loaded into the XR-Blu at a time, the upgrade will offer a total native capacity of up to 2.5 terabytes of data that can be published in a single session, opening up new applications and solutions that until now were impossible due to storage space constraints. The XR-Blu will be exhibited at CeBIT in Germany from March 9-16, and will begin shipping in April.

As the first automated Blu-ray system, the XR-Blu is expected to be used in a wide variety of cutting-edge applications in business, government, military, medical, banking, insurance, back-up and archival, high-definition video, digital movie post production and more. Easy Setup and Operation

The Bravo XR-Blu is fast and easy to set up and use. It connects via USB 2.0 to any PC running Windows XP/2000. The Bravo XR-Blu recording and mastering software was written using AuthorScript Data Backup with BD Support from Sonic Solutions. It supports both Blu-ray and DVD+/-R media. SureThing CD Labeler, Primera Edition, is included to make direct-to-disc labeling fast and easy.

A unique feature of the Bravo XR-Blu is the built-in blue LED array that illuminates the interior, making it simple to view operation. All supplies replenishment is accomplished from the front panel, allowing the unit to be placed almost anywhere - on a desk, a shelf or on a countertop. Two units can be stacked vertically to effectively double capacity and throughput. An optional rack mount kit is available for a standard 4U, 19" wide rack.

Pricing and Availability

The Bravo XR-Blu sells for US $5995 (MSRP). It is expected to begin shipping in April 2006 and will be exhibited in Hannover, Germany, at CeBIT from March 9-16, 2006.

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