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February 26, 2006 VIA Technologies has set up what is in effect, the first sports academy for computer gamers when it recently launched the girlz 0f destruction gaming house in Sweden. Dubbed the “Home of Chrome” after the Hi-Def Chrome computer hardware provided by VIA and S3 Graphics, the year-round eSports training house provides both professional and amateur gamers with a unique opportunity to improve their competitive gaming skills in a focused environment. One of the largest and fastest growing entertainment markets with global sales of around US$20 billion last year, PC gaming is becoming increasingly competitive around the world, with the growing recognition of eSports reflected in escalating tournament prizes, such as the US$150,000 purse at the Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) finals. The Home of Chrome is a strategic move to facilitate intensive training for competitive PC gamers to hone their skills and practice with the best.

The girlz 0f destruction is a seven-member, international all-girls PC gaming team hailing from seven different countries and are widely regarded as the highest level professional female Quake 4 players. Presently 4 girlz 0f destruction team members are living full-time at the CHROME Home and with over 10,000 matches already played between them they each train on average for five hours a day.

“By furnishing the girlz 0f destruction with a 24/7 training home and opening it up to all gamers, we are looking to create the ideal gaming lifestyle,” said Timothy Brown, VIA Technologies’ Corporate Marketing Manager. “Housing the best in women’s pro gaming under one roof, the Home of Chrome will act as a focal point for the competitive gaming community, with both virtual and in-person visitors benefiting from the combined on-site experience of the girlz team.”

“Having a training home completely dedicated to eSports and the right equipment to practice full-time is exactly what is needed to help take our game to the next level and to help others do the same,” declared “Ms. X”, Alana Reid, member of girlz 0f destruction. “With the launch of the Home of Chrome, VIA has demonstrated forward-looking vision in providing the means to raise the standards of competitive PC gaming across the board.”

Situated in Sollentuna, Sweden, near Stockholm International Airport, the Home of Chrome is strategically located for easy access to the European and international competitive eSports arena. Sweden also has among the world’s fastest broadband connectivity, affording ultra low ping rates crucial for online gaming. Four of the seven members of the girlz 0f destruction team are currently living in the Home of Chrome, a six-bedroom house with a LAN room for gaming, as well as a verandah, sunroom, balcony and sauna room for relaxing after long hours of practicing.

The girlz 0f destruction plan to host guests at the Home of Chrome, including both amateur and professional gamers, contest winners, members of the media and other notable persons interested in the eSports lifestyle.

About Chrome Ambassadors - the “girlz 0f destruction”

girlz 0f destruction is a 7-member, international, all-girls PC gaming team, widely regarded as the highest level professional female QUAKE 4 players in the world. Since the launch of the S3 Graphics Chrome S20 Series of graphics products in 2005, girlz 0f destruction has been appointed as official Chrome Ambassadors for VIA and S3 Graphics computer hardware. As top competitive QUAKE 4 professional gamers, girlz 0f destruction travel the globe competing and exhibiting their gaming skills at eSports events using the power of Chrome products. The girlz 0f destruction’s competitive spirit, international composition and adventurous good nature make them ideal ambassadors of the Chrome lifestyle.

More than half of the girlz 0f destruction team live in a VIA-sponsored 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week dedicated eSports training home in Sweden. Dubbed the “Home of Chrome”, this facility gives the girlz 0f destruction the equipment and environment to dedicate themselves fully to competitive eSports, and is also open to the wider gaming community for bootcamp and training sessions for amateur and professional gamers alike. To participate in this active eSports community or find out more about the girlz 0f destruction, be sure to visit:

The girlz 0f destruction are currently at the ASUS VIA Chrome Cup in Moscow - a women-only one-on-one QUAKE 4 tournament.

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