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May 10, 2006 Every time we run another iPod accessory story, we swear it’s the last. But innovation and in this case, an exquisite design, can sway us. JBL announced the JBL Radial overnight, a high-performance entertainment dock for the iPod. Designed with audiophiles in mind, the Radial delivers powerful high- and mid-frequency sound, and ample deep and distortion-free bass, in a single compact, stylish 60 watt device. Offered in black or white, both with chrome accents, JBL Radial makes the perfect iPod companion by adding a sleek and modern look -- and clean and beautiful sound -- to any room or office.

The high-performance Radial entertainment dock allows consumers to fully enjoy every iPod feature from one source; connect JBL Radial to a computer or TV to view photos or videos stored on the docked iPod. Further simplifying the process, the included Radial’s RF smart remote gives users full iPod control, allowing them to change tracks, browse through libraries, adjust settings, and scroll through extras -- all without having to get off the couch or walk across the room.

The system includes four aluminum-domed Odyssey full-range drivers, which are driven by powerful neodymium magnets, for superior dynamic range. Further, the low-frequency driver is capable of peak-to-peak travel of nearly one inch, providing astonishing and accurate bass reproduction. JBL Radial also includes signature technologies such as Computer-Optimized Equalization, which produces a rich soundstage, and Optimized Compression Topology, which ensures clean and accurate sound at high-output levels.

The JBL Radial charges the iPod even if it's not connected to a computer, or if the system is in "off" mode. Additional features include easy-to-use touch volume controls, additional cables for connecting it to other devices, and an extra connector on the rear that allows syncing a docked iPod with iTunes on the computer.

JBL Radial is compatible with all docking iPods, including the 5G iPod and iPod nano, and comes equipped with a mini stereo jack connection for use with devices such as digital music players, personal CD/DVD players, and laptop and desktop computers. Offered in either black or white, JBL Radial has a suggested retail price of US$300 and will be available in June 2006.

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