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May 15, 2006 There is no more devoted, resourceful and inventive creature on the planet than a new mum. Across the last five years, we have witnessed countless inventions conceived by moms intent on making their baby safer and happier and caring for baby more effective and convenient. Now a successful mother inventor has created a company that produces and distributes products made by and for moms and has even written a book designed to show moms how to bring their product ideas to market. Moms seeking inspiration should check out the Featured Mom Inventors archive, while those who have already had their inspiration and are now seeking to commercialise the idea should check out the book. Authored by, Mom Inventors Inc founder and Chief Executive , Tamara Monosoff, The Mom Inventors Handbook The Mom Inventors Handbook gives practical step-by-step advice for putting inspiration into action.

The book takes inventors from idea development to marketing and sales covering everything from market research to prototype development, manufacturing and licensing and debunks some common myths. It simplifies the invention process; even providing stories from real mom inventors sharing their 'aha' moments and lessons learned.

"There is nothing more frustrating then a 'how to' book that doesn't tell you how to do it!" says Tamara Monosoff. "The Mom Inventors Handbook is designed to be a real reference manual with insightful, practical and useful information that gives moms the tools and resources they need to make it happen."

Monosoff is a mom inventor herself. She developed the award-winning TP Saver, which keeps children from unraveling the toilet paper. During the product development process, she found the support and guidance of other inventors invaluable. This inspired her to launch Mom Inventors, Inc. in 2002. Monosoff also created a web-based community for other moms which provides resources related to the invention and product development process, a newsletter, message board, Mom Invented Online Store, and features a successful mom inventor each month.

"Moms are the largest source of untapped entrepreneurial intelligence in this country" says Monosoff. "They often have the best ideas for problem solving, useful products, but not the know-how to manufacture or market it." Monosoff says there is a lot of misinformation out there that keeps moms from pursuing their inventions, such as the idea that an expensive patent is required to move forward.

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