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June 13, 2006 Emphasising the engenuity of nature, how much we have to learn in terms of bipedal robotics, and the fundamental truth that almost anything is possible if you haven’t yet realised that it’s impossible, is this bipedal dog, appropriately named Faith. It’s an amazing story and there’s not a Gizmo in sight – just a dog born without front legs, a lot of love and a little faith!

Belying the difficulty Honda and the world’s other leading developers of bipedal robotic technologies are having getting machines to walk on two legs, Faith is a dog with a big difference. It’s not our story and it’s not about Gizmos, so we’ll simply point you towards this remarkable video clip of Faith, the official web site and where you can buy the book written by Faith’s loving, err ... mentor (?) Jude Stringfellow. Be sure to explore the photo gallery – there’s more than initially meets the eye.

Finally, when we originally ran this story, we made the erroneous claim that Faith was the world's ONLY two-legged dog. We wuz wrong! Not only woz we wrong, the other bipedal dog we've since found, is missing one front and one rear leg. We apologise in advance for those who may find the manguage offensive in this clip.

View gallery - 4 images
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