Ruggedised Remote Control Personal Size Lantern

June 27, 2006 They don’t make ‘em like they used to! Have you ever stepped into your tent at night to try and get that extra jumper, only to trip over your luggage as you try to reach the lantern hanging in the centre? Or have you perched your lantern nice and high above the campsite, only to realise that it is going to be very difficult to reach up and turn the light on and off? Or perhaps got all snug inside your sleeping bag before realising that the lantern needed to be turned off? It’s so clever and logical that you don’t even need to be a camper to appreciate the new 4D Rugged Remote Control Lantern from Coleman. The US$26 lantern features an economical, yet high-powered 7W Fluorescent U-Tube that delivers a bright, white light without generating the excess heat associated with other bulb types, the remote operates up to 15 metres away, and it runs for 14 hours on a set of alkaline batteries. No, they don’t make ‘em like they used to - now they make ‘em much better!

Running on an FM frequency, the remote control feature will operate at up to 15 metres away from the main unit without the need to point the control directly toward the lantern for it to work. It will run continuously for up to 14 hours on one set of quality alkaline batteries.

Available here.

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