The Civilian-ELROB (C-ELROB) - European Land-Robot Trial

August 24, 2006 With the discipline of robotics still in its infancy, the first European Land-Robot Trial offered an opportunity for Unmanned Ground Vehicles to show their capabilities in organised testing procedures to military personnel from across not just Europe but the entire world. In the end, 20 different UGVs from five countries were on display and the event was an unqualified success. Now the European Robotics Group is planning a Civilian European Land-Robot Trial 2007 (C-ELROB 2007) in Monte Ceneri, Ticino, Switzerland in August 2007 featuring both UGVs and UAVs! C-ELROB is being conducted in order to provide an overview of the European state-of-the-art in the field of unmanned vehicles with focus on short-term realizable robot systems.

It is envisaged that the audience will be made up primarily of representatives of security companies, fire brigades, civil protection, police, and disaster control agencies. As with the military version, C-ELROB will be accompanied by a comprehensive robotics exhibition.

If you wish to participate in the trials and/or the exhibition, the man to contact is Frank E. Schneider

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