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September 11, 2006 This is clean and simple – with the emphasis on clean. Food packaging and disposable dinnerware has traditionally been constructed of styrofoam, plastic or bleached paper, all of which are quickly becoming politically incorrect due to their environmental profile. With more cities banning styrofoam and plastics, as just one element of the Green movement sweeping the world, the availability of EarthShell is a timely as it offers a genuinely green alternative. EarthShell foodservice disposable packaging, plates and bowls are made primarily from natural limestone and starch from potatoes, wheat or corn. The new packaging poses substantially fewer risks to wildlife than polystyrene foam packaging because it biodegrades when exposed to moisture in nature, physically disintegrates in water when crushed or broken, and can be composted in a commercial facility, where available, or in your backyard. EarthShell is seeking to license its technology globally.

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