Fujitsu and Advantest JV to create 65nm process semiconductor prototypes using Electron Beam Direct Lithography as a new development environment

September 15, 2006 Fujitsu and Advantest today announced plans to establish a joint venture to create prototype semiconductors by using electron beam direct lithography, a technology that combines 65 nanometer (nm) and 45nm semiconductor process technologies with electron beam exposure systems. Using technologies it develops, in fiscal 2007 the joint venture plans to provide customers with 65nm process prototype services (shuttle services) as a new development environment, and make the environment suitable for 45nm process technologies in the future.

The companies are currently discussing the terms of a formal contract, targeting November for this year for establishment of the joint venture. The joint venture will combine leading-edge semiconductor process technology from Fujitsu with electron beam exposure systems developed and manufactured by Advantest, to develop electron beam direct lithography applicable for 65nm and 45nm process technologies. Advantest plans to newly develop electron beam exposure systems applicable for 65nm and 45nm process technologies, and supply the systems to the joint venture. The joint venture and Fujitsu plan to collaborate to develop process technologies that are suited for electron beam direct lithography. The companies are targeting practical application of electron beam direct lithography on 300 millimeter (mm) wafers for 65nm process technology as a world's first.

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