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October 13, 2006 The new K 1200 R Sport from BMW Motorrad took its initial public bow at INTERMOT 2006, and will become the fourth model in the Company’s most powerful model series. And as the model designation already indicates, the new K 1200 R Sport is based on the BMW K 1200 R. Perhaps the most essential feature of the new K 1200 R Sport is the semi-fairing mounted firmly to the frame and bearing the same headlight as on the R 1200 S. Integrated harmoniously into the overall design of the motorcycle, the semi-fairing ensures a clear view of the impressive engine and running gear technology. The fairing not only emphasizes the sporting character of this Big Bike, but also enhances its wide range of riding opportunities and general use versus the K 1200 R.

Offering significantly improved wind protection particularly advantageous at high speeds, the new BMW K 1200 R Sport is even more suitable for covering long distances at high speeds. It is indeed the ideal motorcycle not only for dedicated riding pleasure on the race track, but also for all-out enjoyment on country roads and motorways, offering the rider the option to adopt a more upright seating position than on the even more sporting and dynamic K 1200 S.

As the sister model of the K 1200 R, the new K 1200 R Sport features the same drivetrain and suspension technology. With maximum output of 120 kW (163 hp), kerb weight of just 241 kg or 531 lb, and its innovative Duolever and Paralever suspension, the new model offers the highest standard of riding dynamics and performance at all times and under all conditions.

Over and above these outstanding features, the BMW K 1200 R Sport offers a wide range of talents intentionally not provided on the K 1200 R without a fairing. These include supreme versatility in all kinds of situations, enhanced riding comfort, and even better performance and handling at high speeds. And at the same time the new machine offers all the virtues typical of a Roadster, such as sharp and crisp handling, sporting performance, and a relaxed seating position.

The new BMW K 1200 R Sport addresses the ambitious sports rider with a penchant for progressive, “naked-bike” technology and a wide range of motorcycling options on a truly versatile machine. Offering an ample choice of accessories carried over in most cases from the K 1200 R, the new K 1200 R Sport ensures optimum comfort and a truly outstanding riding experience particularly on long distances.

The technical highlights of the new K 1200 R Sport at a glance: • Semi-fairing mounted firmly on the frame and a new headlight emphasising the sporting character of the K 1200 R Sport and improving its riding comfort particularly at high speeds. • High-performance four-cylinder inline power unit tilted 55° to the front, maximum output 120 kW (163 hp), maximum torque 127 Nm (94 lb-ft). • Fulfilment of the strictest environmental standards thanks to Digital Motor Electronics and three-way catalytic converter. • High-performance aluminium suspension with Duolever wheel mount at the front and EVO-Paralever wheel mount at the rear. • Unladen weight of only 241 kg or 531 lb in road trim, perfect balance ensured by a low centre of gravity, supreme handling qualities. • Relaxed seating position for an active riding experience. • Electronic immobiliser featured as standard. • On-board network with CAN-bus technology. • Electronically adjustable ESA suspension available as an option. • Latest-generation Integral ABS (semi-integral version) available as an option. • Tyre pressure control (TPC) as an option. • Wide range of optional extras and sports accessories. • New: BMW Motorrad High Performance Parts for sporting customisation.

View gallery - 13 images
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