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October 19, 2006 This product is simple, cheap and effective. Guyot Designs’ Firefly costs US$22 and converts any standard wide mouth bottle into a lantern. It's perfect for any outdoor adventure, whether in the backyard or in the backcountry. The Firefly's unique design allows it to be used right side up, upside down, or hanging from the nearest handy branch. The lid contains an LED light which creates a warm glow throughout the bottle and as light levels can be varied, it can double as a low level night light for those nights when the moon is obscured yet it’s bright enough at its highest setting to read by. The electronics are sealed, so you can even turn it upside down or let it swing in the breeze from a nearby tree branch without fear that the electrons and water will fizzle it all out. The good thing about having kit like this is that you still win if you never use it, cos it means you’ve never been stuck without a ready supply of electrons.

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