The World’s Smallest RC Helicopter for US$100

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November 1, 2006 The lines between manpackable UAVs for the military and high end Radio Controlled toys blurred some time ago, and when we saw the latest toy from Interactive Toy Concepts, we began to wonder just how far this trend might go, given the trend towards miniaturisation of everything. The Micro Mosquito is claimed to be the Worlds smallest, lightest and quietest full function indoor R/C helicopter and weighs only 15 grams – that’s hellishly impressive, but the startling bit is the retail price of just over US$100. We’re sure it’s not the smallest, because military contractors around the world no doubt have much smaller versions in the labs – but this one does have the advantage of being available on retail shelves within the next few weeks and is certain to be there only a short while.

Early reports suggest it flies straight out of the box after you’ve charged the batteries, and it’s infinitely easier to fly than a real helicopter, though we’d probably remove that family heirloom vase from the mantlepeice before letting junior loose.

If you’re in Europe, UK-based Playengine has it available online for UKP70 with all taxes paid and delivered, though with the frictionless world of the internet, it always pays to check around.

View gallery - 2 images
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