The FMP3 watch, USB seat warmer and a bunch of other things you didn’t realise you needed

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The FMP3 watch will play through any FM stereo within 10 metres

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November 13, 2006 The impact of ubiquitous personal digital technology on the way we live is only starting to become evident, though it’s a safe bet that what we do and say is far more likely to be recorded (and published) than ever before given that most people in developed nations are now carrying an audio recording device (in their MP3 player or phone), a digital camera (in their phone) and perhaps even a digital video recording device in one of their toys too. That’s one of the aspects of RareMonoShop’s new FMP3 watch that we think makes it a killer app. The otherwise normal-looking watch can record up to a Gigabyte of conversation/negotiations and suddenly the worth of that verbal contract being the paper it’s written on (i.e. nada) increases substantially in value. Apart from service as a covert recording device, there are several other aspects of the FMP3 watch that make it a winner – it records audio direct from any source such as a CD player or radio, with or without a computer (USB2.0 and Windows or Mac), has an FM transmitter which means you can play it through your car audio system and sells with 1GB memory for JPY16,800 (US$143) and 500MB for JPY12,800.00 (US$109). A few examples of other new products to be sold from the new English-language website designed for international customers include a clever portable Aluminium lap-desk, a laptop holder for the car, a Silent Keyboard/Mouse and a bunch of USB-powered devices such as a bottle cooler and warmer, an Aroma Diffuser, Warmer Slippers/Gloves, Seat Warmer, Eye Warmer and a 9 port USB Hub that looks like a Gold Ingot. The new web site opens this week though we have the Japanese-language address if you want a sneak peak.

RareMonoShop is the new international distribution arm for Tokyo-based innovation and design house Thanko which has developed and marketed over 100 unique (and some quite remarkable) items since it opened its doors in 2003. Thanko opened a purpose-built Chinese R&D office in 2005 to help develop and procure products to match market needs and the new raremonoshop web site due to open this week is designed international customers in any country and to market the company’s products to distributor/dealers who are interested in handling Thanko products in international territories.

A few examples of the new products announced with the new website launch.

1) Gold Ingot USB Hub -- 9ports USB hub shaped as and modeled from a Gold Ingot would be a great surprise when placed on the desk or table. Its weight of 2.1kgs makes it easy to plug and unplug USB by its own weight. 2) USB Wireless Space Mouse Lite -- The revolutionary wirelessly remote controllable mouse in the air has been renewed. The transmitter/charger part becomes smaller to carry out easily. Also the mouse can be used during battery charge.

3) USB Eye Warmer -- When your eyes get tired, it relaxes not only your eyes but comfort your body overall. It is so light to carry out anywhere. Power on/off switch can control temperature at hand.

4) USB Seat Warmer -- Though it looks like a seat cushion, a slim heater is built-in. It starts to warm up immediately when plugged-in to USB port. Power on/off switch can control temperature at hand.

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