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December 14, 2006 Just the thing for checking whether that’s a gun in their pocket or they’re just pleased to see you. Sago’s full body imager, iPat, recently completed and passed rigorous location and identification testing on a variety of explosive threats. The tests took place in cooperation with a leading security equipment provider. iPat was unveiled in September during the ASIS security show in San Diego. The aPat handheld personnel screening tool and iPat do not radiate X-rays or microwaves at any level. Both products are designed to provide primary or secondary screening in high security applications such as airline passenger screening or access control. They passive millimeter-wave/thermal imaging products image a person’s natural body heat to detect the presence of hidden threats such as explosives, liquids, guns, and knives.

“We have matured our products and believe they are the right solution for personnel screening. They are passive and safe, providing the necessary resolution for threat detections, and are unmatched in terms of price and performance,” said Admiral Thomas B. Fargo, USN (ret), Chairman of Sago Systems, Inc.

This week upon request, the products are being demonstrated at Sago’s corporate headquarters during a live Webcast to European government agencies, airports and private companies interested in Sago’s ability to provide high-quality images without compromising privacy while providing a safe product.

“Sago’s products are passive and work much like infrared cameras in sensing heat that is naturally emitted from the body. Unlike infrared cameras, however, our systems operate in a portion of the heat spectrum that passes unimpeded through clothing to reveal hidden contraband,” said Dr. John Lovberg, President and CEO of Sago Systems, Inc.

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