The KangoRoom self-contained portable trade display

December 30, 2006 As we’ve previously noted, moving an elephant atom by atom costs a lot more than moving the elephant in one pre-assembled lump. Now everyone knows that trade shows are a gold mine of new business opportunities and a vital part of an effective, integrated marketing effort, but the cost per lead is often very expensive when you add all factors into your allocation of resources. Creating a functional and effective booth at a trade show is not for the feint of heart or inexperienced – it requires fastidious pre-show planning and the choreography of myriad factors and external suppliers if it’s gonna be right on the day. The KangoRoom is a self-contained portable trade display that eliminates the constant design, construction and set-up of the booth. Obviously not for everyone, but for many companies this new approach from New Zealand’s KangoRoom would enable a lot more trade shows to be incorporated in the budget.

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