The very Qool skyQube VOIP Gateway

January 10, 2007 Now this is a VERY interesting product that frees up the limitations of Skype by allowing users to chat, sms and skype anytime and anywhere – the Qool skyQube is the world’s first all-in-one smart adapter for Skype, which will be of immense interest for frequent travellers . It acts as a gateway for users to call home at local call rates, allows users to select which skype mate calls are forwarded to their mobile or landlines, an additional callback function allows users to call anywhere using their home number even when they are overseas and a built-in speakerphone enables hands-free usage. The skyQube will come in two versions – one with a GSM module (skyQube 2) and one without (skyQube). The skyQube 2 module enables users to slip in their SIM card so all their received calls and SMSs will be forwarded to their phone in the destination country with Skypeout or to their laptop without phone charges (via Skype).

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