Lithium batteries for the iPod extend listening time up to 60 hours

January 12, 2007 Advanced technology vehicle and energy pioneer ZAP has graced our pages many times over the last few years, each time with something very special and usually very different such as the Powerski, XEBRA, or OBVIO! About the only thing these products all have in common is their electric power source, and ditto for the company’s latest launch - a new iZAP series of lithium battery packs designed specifically to work with the iPod. ZAP also introduced a new Recharge-It-All line of Portable Energy at CES. The new rechargeable power packs can power a wide range of mobile electronics like cell phones, digital cameras, laptops and more.

Part of ZAP’s mission with advanced energy technologies is to continually find new market applications for advanced batteries so that economies of scales in battery manufacturing can be developed to power full-size automobiles. ZAP says that the iZAP designed for the iPod shuffle can extend listening time up to 60 hours.

The lithium-ion battery system can be recharged up to 1000 times and has up to four times the power of conventional batteries.

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