3jam Reply-All Text Messaging Service

January 30, 2007 With SMS messaging growing and going from strength to strength thanks to its efficiency, ease-of-use, reliability and asynchronous nature, a new reply-all text messaging service offering from 3jam could find a lot of business as people search for more efficient ways to keep people in touch with their friends. 3jam enables users to send a text message to any number of friends at once, have everyone know who got the message, and have the replies go to everyone.

With 3jam users in more than 90 countries and messaging volume doubling every two months, 3jam has grown significantly since the company launched the service in September 2006. The primary source for new user acquisition is recommendations from friends since 3jam text messages can be sent to any mobile phone without requiring prior signup. In fact, 3jam has already observed users spreading 3jam virally to friends up to seven degrees away.

Using SMS, 3jam enables users to start a text conversation instantly with any number of friends they choose, all at once, without requiring the recipients to sign up for the service. However, signing up is free, and no subscription is required.

Through 3jam's partnership with Cellmania, a full end-to-end mobile delivery and ecosystem solution driving many of the world's operator systems, Cellmania will offer its distribution channels 3jam's reply-all text messaging service.

"Today younger consumers are more influenced by what their friends think than by anything else, and text messaging is one of the primary ways they communicate," said Andy Jagoe, CEO and co-founder of 3jam, Inc. "We've seen a tremendous amount of interest in 3jam from marketers as a viral distribution mechanism for word-of-mouth marketing. In our research, 70 percent of 3jam users surveyed said they'd be very upset if they no longer had access to 3jam and 100 percent could name no alternative to 3jam."

"Users also tell us they rely heavily on 3jam to help them stay in the loop with friends in loud, crowded places like sporting events and night clubs, and in quiet places like classrooms, meetings and church. Whenever it's hard to make or receive a phone call, and whenever you want to connect with more than one person at once, it's a great time to use 3jam.

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