Wii Wireless Controlled Robot Concept

January 30, 2007 Robotics in general and consumer robotics in particular seem to be making massive headway, and a development certain to draw a lot of attention in the next month is a wireless concept robot created by industrial robotics manufacturer KUKA Robotics Corporation. The new robot will be shown for the first time at ATX West Expo in Anaheim, February 13-15, 2007. The company will be showcasing an application using a KR16 robot and KRC 2 Controller being controlled by individuals utilizing a Wii controller & Bluetooth technology (video here). This concept cell was designed to show the next step in the trickle down of robotic technology to consumers from the industrial robot market.

“KUKA is committed to the advancement of robotic technology in both the industrial and consumer arenas. The development of more intelligent and easy to operate robots will begin to drive the development of more capable service robots for applications such as medical and ultimately for consumer use in individuals’ homes," said Kevin Kozuszek, director of marketing for KUKA Robotics Corporation. “This concept cell is an example of the next step forward towards improved control and interface capabilities between humans and robots.”

As the consumer and service robotic sector continues to expand new technologies will be vital in the development of products designed specifically with the consumer in mind. This concept cell, developed by KUKA System Partner SEIS Group, Inc. of Huntington Beach, California, using the KUKA KR 16 robot with a Wii controller is one such example. Attendees to the company’s booth will be able to personally experience the cell’s easy to use wireless robot control capabilities.

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