Register for Playstation Network in Europe, get Casino Royale on Blu-ray

February 13, 2007 - Even with the delayed launches of the Playstation 3 in PAL territories, Sony is still light on solid launch titles, with Resistance: Fall of Man and Motorstorm being the only exclusives receiving substantial acclaim from reviewers. To shift the focus back to their current strengths, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have announced that the first 500,000 PS3 owners to register with Sony's free online service "PLAYSTATION Network" will receive a copy of the latest James Bond blockbuster "Casino Royale" on Blu-ray.

With "True HD" not exactly adding anything to the experience of "50 First Dates", there's no question the people who've invested in theatre setups that benefit from 1080P (and are likely investing in a PS3 for that very reason), will jump at the chance for something decent to watch at that quality - so this is a decent value add.

We just hope a killer exclusive game (or ten) comes along shortly, and saves the Playstation 3 from going down in history as nothing more than a cheap Blu-ray player.

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