Plug-n-play fibre optic home networks

"It's all plug and play," says Kurt Lundell, Sales Engineer at Tenvera. "Run the spools of fiber to their destination and plug them into our outlets, plug your toys into more bandwidth and speed than you ever thought possible." Lundell is holding the cove

February 22, 2007 As demand continues to increase exponentially for brighter, faster and more user-friendly consumer electronics, Tenvera has introduced a Plug-n-play fibre optic home network that should ensure that the home network won’t run out of bandwidth any time soon. Tenvera’s new IP Solution allows the home consumer to plug up to eight Tenvera pre-terminated fiber reels into a Stand Alone Switch (SAS) which delivers blazing data speeds to every IP-based piece of consumer electronics in the home through optical fibre. With the likelihood that Voice, Video and Data will all be delivered together and communications channels will all run down the same wires, this is a compelling product as it future-proofs a home network as much as it’s possible right now. The IP Solution complements the Fiber Optic backbone that AT&T, Verizon and others are investing in right now.

Voice, Video and Data services are currently available in six U.S. states, including California, Florida and Texas, and hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent by Verizon and AT&T to make it available everywhere in the U.S.

“Fiber Optic Technology belongs in the hands of the people. Our goal is to put it there,” says Tenvera’s David Humphrey.

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