nTAG V2 smart badging offers real-time event data management

March 4, 2007 Three years ago we wrote of the potential being displayed by a new form of interactive name badge for conferences and social events that significantly improved the quality of people-to-people connectivity. The nTAG system automates several social technologies and takes them into the business event arena where both host and attendee derive numerous benefits compared to the paper badges of the past. While stimulating conversation between attendees, nTAGs also help organisers to deliver event information, track attendance, manage security, send messages, and evaluate surveys and polls in real time – think about that for a moment – that’s real-time audience response. Worn like regular paper badges, nTAGs exchange data with one another using infrared sensors. As attendees approach each other, information is automatically transferred from tag to tag, requiring no action from the wearer. Then the tags' LCD screens illuminate and display information on shared interests - "Hi Karen, we both work in the fashion apparel industry." The nTAG system can now be purchased through nTAG or nTAG certified resellers, international distributor enquiries should be directed here and the system can be hired for as little as US$15,000. Great Flash demo here.

nTAG Version 2 is the latest version of the world’s first interactive name badge system. nTAG enables businesses to design and conduct face-to-face meetings and events that drive corporate objectives. Among the many new features of nTAG Version 2 is a powerful real-time audience response capability allowing for more interaction between presenters and audiences.

The enhanced new version comes at a time when enterprises are seeking to complement online communications, marketing programs and e-learning activities with strategic face-to-face events that add proven corporate value. Blackfriars Communications, Inc. estimated the corporate meeting industry market at US$168 billion in 2005, fueled by typical corporate marketing budgets of 16 percent. With nTAG’s enhanced real-time data capabilities, face-to-face meetings become more valuable event experiences for attendees and help companies validate and improve event ROI.

Strengthening Event ROI With nTAG, traditional corporate events bring together all participants – the host company, attendees, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and event management -- in an energized, well-coordinated environment that supports higher levels of networking, learning and real-time responsiveness. The nTAG system connects attendees with relevant contacts, speakers with audience members, and event performance with corporate objectives. By connecting the key elements around which event objectives are defined and measured, nTAG drives successful events with unprecedented results.

“Organizers are looking for ways to gain as much value from events as possible. They need a single, flexible system that can not only measure how they are doing against business goals for the event, but can also help them achieve greater results and ROI,” said David Goretski, CEO, nTAG. “It’s not enough to simply pick a great location and hope for the best. Corporations view events as a key platform to strengthen customer relationships, promote networking and provide educational opportunities, and they need to know that these objectives have been met and quantified. With nTAG each element can be validated and incorporated into an end-to-end corporate strategy.”

New Features Improve Events With its first generation product, nTAG dramatically improved event productivity for leading Fortune 1000 companies, resulting in growing adoption of its technology with over 40,000 nTAGs deployed. nTAG used this experience to design its current version, which delivers new and enhanced features including:

• Real-time audience response allowing for more interaction between presenters and their audiences. These capabilities can be used to instantly poll the audience and automatically display the results on stage.

• Updated wireless connection between the nTAG devices and the servers, based on the 802.15.4 wireless protocol, allows for real time updates to information on devices. This includes the ability to change agendas, locations, schedules, and pushes out new or updated surveys. Event organizers can also send real-time messages to all attendees, a targeted group, event staff or an individual, to improve communications and ensure a smooth running event.

• nTAG Version 2 badges feature a lighter, sleeker design and a high resolution, full color display.

• For meetings where education is a primary objective, real-time survey capabilities can also be used to distribute on-badge quizzes to the audience immediately after a presentation in order to quickly determine the level of learning retained. Responses are collected and tabulated in real-time.

• A robust web-based administrative console provides real-time monitoring of event activities to gauge results progressively against objectives. This empowers the event organizer to make adjustments in activities if actual results are not reaching desired goals, providing multiple opportunities to make corrections and achieve a more positive outcome.

• Event planners can offset meeting costs or even generate profits through nTAG’s interactive, measurable sponsorship opportunities. Sponsors can deliver targeted messages to attendees via the nTAG badge to encourage attendance at a session or generate more traffic at their exhibitor booth. Sponsors can also send out market research survey questions.

When managing events, nTAG’s always-on technology provides a real-time view of on-site activities by automatically monitoring networking, survey responses, booth traffic and more. nTAG Version 2 reporting features also make it a powerful and easy-to-use tool for analyzing meeting performance. Early adopter customers using the solution have experienced dramatic gains in meeting productivity and business insight from the new reporting and data analytics capabilities.

“nTAG’s ability to energize meeting attendees to share experiences and knowledge, coupled with C2 Creative’s proven ability to design compelling communications events, creates an outstanding value proposition for clients interested in maximizing every facet of their event,” said Larry Merenstein, CEO and president, C2 Creative, a NYC-based event production company that used the nTAG system at an event for a Fortune 100 consumer products company. “When you have real-time control over every aspect of an event you can easily make changes on the fly benefiting every attendee in a personalized way. nTAG’s technology is a hands-down winner.”

The nTAG system is available on a rental basis with pricing starting at US$15,000 for events with 100 attendees. Pricing varies depending on the number of days of the event and the number of attendees. The new nTAG offering is now commercially available and ready for deployment at upcoming meetings and events. The nTAG System is available through nTAG or nTAG certified resellers.

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