The Noble Art of Scambaiting Volume II

March 6. 2007 In an article entitled The Noble Sport of Scambaiting last June, we paid homage to the sublime skills of Shiver Metimbers, the administrator of scambaiting information resource 419Eater. Scambaiting is the sport of scamming the would-be scammer and although vigilantism has its downsides, it’s hard to see scambaiting as anything but a noble pastime and some of the better efforts truly are priceless. As we concluded at the time, should Scambaiting ever become an Olympic sport, Shiver Metimbers would be a Gold Medal contender. His latest effort is truly outstanding having tricked scambaiters into performing Monty Python’s Dead parrot comedy sketch for the camera. Mister Metimbers, we salute you! Via The Spam Diaries

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