Bellperre exclusive mobile phones to be made of 0% plastic

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March 13, 2007 A new brand of luxury mobile phone is set to hit the market with the promise its phones will be ‘0% Plastic.’ mobile phones - made of leather, steel, gold, hardwood, sapphire and other fine material. The aim of the new Bellperre brand is to “design masterpieces without compromising on the technology.” The fact that there are no plastic components does not negatively influence the weight of the handset.

The diverse collection provides a handset to suit every taste, lifestyle and gender. Customers can choose from a wide palette of colours and finishes, materials and leather designs. Choose from classic calfskin, real reptiles, fashion prints or metallic leather - all in a rainbow of hues.

BELLPERRE uses the largest single piece of sapphire crystal ever found on a handset. Sapphire glass is renowned for its scratch resistance and is used by makers of luxury watches.

Bellperre is ready to set up the distribution of their unique handsets on a global scale and will be showing its wares at this year’s CEBIT, the leading digital & telecom business event. Enquiries should be directed here.

View gallery - 2 images
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