BioLED Lab on a Chip

March 13, 2007 Acrongenomics and Molecular Vision have developed an extremely promising technology that will enable disposable, Point Of Care diagnostics for a large range of biomarkers. BioLED Lab on a Chip technology uses Molecular Vision’s patented, organic semiconductor technology in a high sensitivity, small size, medical diagnostic device. The device has been demonstrated to measure biomarkers with high sensitivity and at low cost, and the companies forsee such BioLED technology applications being used at home, in doctor’s offices and hospitals.

BioLED technology uses semiconductor films located on either side of a microfluidics chip. One film illuminates the chip, where appropriate, while the other film detects an output signal, which is fed to a display. The demonstrated device used two forms of detection utilizing chemiluminescence and fluorescence to detect different markers of interest.

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