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March 21, 2007 The Bodywall is designed to assist athletes to stretch effectively, with its combination of high-adhesion gloves and shoes and high-tech wall surface offering spiderman-like capabilities. It is so effective at stretching the muscles an athlete uses in any particular sport that when we first wrote it up last September, we forecast it would become part of the training regime of all athletes. The reason it is applicable to all sports, and hence a generic sporting product is that it achieves its goals using the wall, gravity and the human body - the only common element in every sport. As the worldwide interest in the product has blossomed since our article, thye man who conceived Bodywall, Chris Toal, has seen it used in a fascinating variety of ways to achieve stretching and exercise in different sports. The company is now developing aids so that the Bodywall can be used even more specifically - see the images here and here and here.

To use Bodywall, you pull on high-adhesion, rapid-release 3M developed Dual Lock gloves and shoes. The special wall material and the gloves together offer enough grip for gecko-style adhesion – enough grip to hold the weight of a 200 pound powerfully-built Maori Full Back steady while he stretches. Bodywall offers a very effective targeted exercise for athletes of all disciplines but has evolved into an indoor/outdoor, low-footprint exercise gym that can be set up inside the smallest hotel room or could be done at billboard size as a promotional activity.

Bodywall can fix you in position “in the moment” of any sporting action from a golf swing to lifting weights, from throwing a pass to sprinting, so you can examine what you do fully loaded up and train to do it better. People are already using it training for everything from motorcycle racing to hardcore surfing and skateboarding cutbacks and freestyle tricks and so far athletes have adapted golf clubs and tennis racquets and balls of all sorts to attach to the Bodywall to train with. “Why not train with the tools you use to play your sport”, says inventor Chris Toal. “Why should you do leg curls when you really want to build up the muscles you actually use to bicycle kick or sprint or change direction or throw a ball?”

View gallery - 4 images
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